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A romantic arrangement of flowers in soft pink and creamy hues sat pristine on the center of the table with a few lit candles, warm light filled the room, the sound of ice clinking in classes as bartenders prepared drinks and the smell of simmering butter and fresh caviar filled the nearby kitchen. As Elliot Garnaut adjusts the lapels on his jacket, excitement builds because soon the doors of the newly established MESHKI HQ will open.
Samantha Harris
Jessica Gomes
Rozalia Russian
Soon the doors will be opened to the first couple of guests. Soon he will be laughing with his friends and peers, among them some of Australia’s most influential fashion leaders. Soon he will clink his champagne glass and welcome everyone to sit at the dinner table. Soon he will thank the founders of MESHKI for giving him the honour of hosting this housewarming. And soon, he will graciously thank everyone for coming and being a part of MESHKI’s history and future.
For MESHKI’s Housewarming, the doors of it’s new headquarters were opened to an excitable crowd of fashion leaders based in Australia. The brand welcomed iconic Australian models like Samantha Harris and Jessica Gomes, and influential voices like Rozalia Russian, Elle Ferguson and Jess Pecoraro. Australian fashion stylist and commentator, Elliot Garnaut, hosted the event alongside the brand founders with friendliness, charm and undeniable admiration for everyone in the room and for MESHKI.
Shadi Kord
Elliot Garnaut
Natalie Khoei

Everyone was adorned in clothing and accessories exclusive to MESHKI. From glamorous styles like the Crishelle Hot Fix Maxi Dress worn by Laura Dundovic, to capsule go-to styles like the Lucinda Off-Shoulder Top worn by Elle Ferguson. The event featured an array of different fashion styles and characters, all united by the MESHKI label on their clothing. This event is the epitome of the brands design philosophy: delivering quality, timeless and opulent designs in a way that is welcoming, friendly and inviting.

Aisha Jade & Laura Dundovic
Ellie Gonsalves
Dominique Elissa, Roberta George & Isabella Gray
Elle Ferguson, Camille Thioulouse & Elliot Garnaut
Evie Grace Brown & Belle Procida
Elle Ferguson
Jade Brycki & Yaz Tunchy
Ellie Gonsalves
Elliot Garnaut & Jess Pecoraro
Jess Pecoraro

At the conclusion of MESHKI’s Housewarming Event, the flowers have been put away into vases, the candles have been blown out and the lights have been turned off. But the laughter and conversations shared over the delicious meals now live on within the walls of MESHKI’s HQ and so is the hope for more of these moments to come.