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Inspired by the ancient city of Shiraz—the start, the centre, and the end of every poetic pronunciation, with an echoing whisper of a glorious past, Shiraz celebrates the dramatic romance of the wind and the sand, of the rose and the nightingale. Boasting earthy tones in natural fabrics, sculptural shapes and softly tailored silhouettes, adorned with minimalist gold details, every piece is infused with the exotic feel of an ethereal world.

Shiraz will have you daydreaming of the mystical, the cosmic and everything beyond.

Using symbolic elements like rose, mirror and wind, it tells the story of a woman breaking off from the shackles of this nether world, refreshed by the discovery of her Inner Light, rejoicing with great joy.

True freedom is freedom of self.

Music composed exclusively for MESHKI by Eishan Ensemble

PART I —  


The tone is set with you and the Azaadi edit, celebrating women who are breaking free from society’s expectations, emancipating themselves from authority and saluting to that inner whisper that calls you to live life on your own terms. Featuring glamorous silhouettes crafted in soft sheer fabrics—styles that celebrate the feminine in all its infinite layers and shades.
Like the bud that blooms beneath the springtime sun, dotted on the earth like grounded stars, you too will unfurl and radiate. The Bahaar edit is about empowering your bold new beginning, incorporating natural textures, deep emerald greens and vivid blues set against soft desert hues. This is the time to look inward in order to reveal who you truly are.




How does the rose bravely open its heart in all its beauty to the world each day? She allows the encouragement of light to coax out all that she once concealed and the world is made more beautiful for it. The Roz edit is a tribute to being oneself, incorporating softly tailored silhouettes that meet strong structure, reflecting the spirit of feminine fearlessness.


Like the radiance of a new day quenches the darkness of the night—the Nour edit centres on finding the light in the elements that surround you. You’ll find shimmering slips and flowing gowns, it’s about reflecting the astonishing brilliance of your own being that lights the whole sky.
Our brand heritage is always close to our hearts and this season we’ve brought it to the forefront of our designs, incorporating the Farsi word for ‘Meshki’ on select pieces. Cut into cursive typography on shining hardware, the word translates to ‘black’, invoking a sense of subdued power, mystery, and sleek movement—just how we want you to feel every time you wear us.

Shiraz celebrates the dramatic romance of the wind and the sand, of the rose and the nightingale.