Outfit Inspo: 10 Ways To Wear Bodysuits For Every Occasion

Outfit Inspo: 10 Ways To Wear Bodysuits For Every Occasion


Whether you've seen them in action, you already know how to wear them, or the mere concept baffles you, there's no denying this: they're everywhere. Instagram, Pinterest, almost every fashion TikTok account…

You get the picture.

This sleek and sexy item is lauded as a closet staple for a reason, and it’s got everything to do with how incredibly practical they are. They're the equivalent of a good bra, a black dress, and an oversized hoodie; every woman's got one tucked away for those just-in-case moments.

And given that bodysuits have been around (and trending) since the 90's, we really shouldn't be surprised by their comeback. 

What we’re saying is, trends may come and go but bodysuits are forever.

If you're looking for ways to update your one-piece game, we've got you covered. Here's our brief rundown on bodysuit basics; why you should wear them, what you can expect, and what to pair them with.


What is a bodysuit?

Put simply, they’re the skintight, clip-at-the-crotch take on a romper or onesie. 

Not a swimsuit but not a standard tee—the bodysuit is in a class all of its own. 


They also happen to be cut in different styles. Long-sleeved, turtlenecks, scoop-necks, off-the-shoulder… you name it. Depending on what you wear with it and how you style it, a bodysuit can look sexy, professional, casual, chic, or flirty.


Why wear a bodysuit?

Have you ever tried—and failed—to achieve a seamless tuck? Ever had that blouse you’ve neatly tucked into your skirt for a smooth, seamless silhouette ended up bunching up?


We've all had those moments—and those moments are what bodysuits are meant to combat. They're skintight, they're structured, and the perfect ones absolutely refuse to budge. 


They also provide tension from the shoulders to the crotch to help lift, flatten, and/or play up certain areas. 


Once you know how to work bodysuits in your favour, they can totally reshape your body lines.


How To Wear A Bodysuit

How to Wear a Bodysuit with Jeans

As the bodysuit rose in popularity, so too did the high-rise jeans. 





But you'd be hard-pressed to name a more perfect combo than fitted bodysuits and high-waist, jeans (such as our Millicent Rigid Mom Jeans).


Creating a fashionable, fetching silhouette is all about balance—and nothing complements a body-hugging, tight-to-the-curves top more than flared denim pants with a high waist. It creates a stylishly relaxed look that's oh-so-chic and trendy.


Does this mean skinny jeans are a no-go, then?


Absolutely not! If you want to rock the body-con experience, go for it. 

It might help to remember that your silhouette is key. A bodysuit can highlight your curves and complement your body shape regardless of your preferred jeans. 


So how to wear a bodysuit with jeans that have a skinnier fit? 


Balance out the all-over form-fitting situation with a slouchy jacket, fetching blazer, cross-body bag, chunky sneakers, fashionable scarf, or oversized cardigan. Seriously! You'd be surprised how much oomph! one or two tasteful accessories can add to your OOTD.


How to Wear a Bodysuit with Skirts

Styling bodysuits with skirts follows more or less the same principle as pants; balance out a tight top with a looser bottom.


In this case, we'd actually advise against styles like tiered, hip pleat, and full gypsy. Now, these aren't a hard pass per se. However, because they tend to be so loose and frilly, they may overbalance the bodysuit.


When in doubt, just go for a sleeveless bodysuit (such as our Jordyn Tank Sleeveless Bodysuit) with a minimal skirt, such as Missy Maxi Satin Skirt. Or our Lola Ruched Mini Skirt.


Or, try pairing a long sleeve bodysuit (such as our Delilah Long Sleeve Crew Neck Bodysuit) with a high-waist tulip, pencil, a-line, or wrap skirt for a refined and confident look.


Other skirt styles that would look excellent with a tightly-tucked top would be a godet, handkerchief, trumpet, or knee-length asymmetrical cut.


How to Wear a Bodysuit with Leggings

If you aren't sure how to wear a bodysuit with leggings; think Athleisure. This hybrid clothing trend has made it to Instagram's explore page, so you know the concept's legit.


Besides, whoever said you couldn't look fashionable while getting fit?


A long-sleeved bodysuit paired with moisture-wicking leggings can look good and feel great for gentle to mild cardio sessions. 


Opt for sleeveless pieces like our London Ribbed Racer Back Bodysuit if you're going to up the intensity level. And if you're going for the full lounge look, a soft cotton bodysuit paired with paired-back leggings (such as our Venus V Back Leggings) in solid colours can make you look super comfy and super approachable.


Our Favourite Bodysuit Combinations

Combo 1: Round-neck bodysuit + short sleeves + high-waist straight-leg trousers.

Vibe: Fashionable yet professional and totally self-assured.

Nothing says you've got your life all figured out quite like a high-neck top. Looser jeans can help you stay relaxed and comfy down below when you're on-the-go.


Combo 2: V-neck bodysuit + long sleeves + high-rise denim skinny jeans.

Vibe: Fashion-forward, playfully sophisticated and always ready to go.

The long sleeves keep it classy; the (deep) v-neckline sprinkles in a bit of playfully flirty. Balance out the body-con silhouette with a chunky bag or comfy cardigan.


Combo 3: Halter-top bodysuit + pencil skirt.

Vibe: Confident and feminine.

Play up a curvy, feminine silhouette with a mid-length pencil skirt in a plaid, colour block, or geometrical pattern—think thin lines and crisp colour edges! Balance it out with a solid-coloured bodysuit in a muted or powder hue.


Combo 4: Sleeveless high-neck bodysuit + wrap skirt.

Vibe: Fashion-forward, friendly and high-energy.

A wrap skirt is one of those fashionable clothing items that are a lot roomier and comfier than they look. Throw on a pair of solid, dependable boots to complete the look, and you can strut your stuff for hours on end without hurting your heels.


Bodysuit FAQs

Should you wear underwear with a bodysuit?

Bras and underwear with bodysuits. Possible? Definitely.

But given that the bottom half of most bodysuits are cut like standard undergarments, some opt to not bother with two layers. It’s totally up to you.

A lot of brands offer plenty of options to suit different comfort levels. If you're worried about exposure, opt for a full-coverage cut. If you want to avoid VPL (visible panty line), go for a thong-style bodysuit.

The good news is our design team has dedicated themselves to creating the perfect VPL-free bodysuit. Most of our MESHKI bodysuits are crafted using this thong-style design, allowing for ultimate comfort and style security.