The Future is Female

The Future is Female

And we’ve got the collection to prove it. 

A future where females feel empowered, unlimited and free to be whoever they damn well please? Challenge accepted. We’ve always celebrated women, and the power they have to change the world — and now we have the collection to prove it. 

Not to be dramatic or anything, but The Future is Female (which is ready and waiting for you here, btw) is our biggest launch ever. But don’t get it twisted: it’s WAY more than just a launch. It’s a symbol of pride, unity and determination. A call-to-arms, in the form of a baby blue suit. And a message to the world that says: we ain’t holding back.

Naturally, the collection is here to elevate and support the female silhouette. All of them.

The highlights. (Aka, what you’ll be wearing.) 
  • Structured-yet-soft suiting 
  • Elegant satins 
  • Timeless tweed 
  • Snatched waists
  • Cut-outs 
  • Corsetry 
  • Cotton and satin shirting 
  • Jersey tops 
  • Chic knitwear 
  • That monogrammed lingerie 
All dressed up in a confident colour palette of chocolate, black, white, champagne and heritage blue. 
And our campaign shoot? You better believe it’s just as boss. Set at The Art Gallery of New South Wales, we captured strong, independent women from all walks of life. As if we could resist quizzing them on their biggest wish for the future
Samantha — Indigenous Model 

What I would like to see is more diversity in the workplace, and a celebration of just how multicultural Australia is. 

Nana — Family and Child Nurse 

I’d love to see more empowerment in women. I’d like us to take charge more; we are strong, we are powerful and we can do anything we commit to. 

Hanan — Model & Radiation Therapist

The future that I see for females is one that is liberated; one where women can truly be themselves and be shameless about it. 

Melanie — Broadcast Engineer 

I’d love to see more girls taking up leadership roles, and really filling up those spaces in male dominated industries. 

Ariane — Model 

In the future, I’d like to see more diversity in the fashion industry. 

Mikayla — Curve Model 

I want to see more women comfortable in their skin. As a standard size 10, I feel I need to step out more to empower girls more. 

Ladies, ready to get in formation? Add The Future is Female to your wardrobe here