3 Ways To Style Different Coloured Denim

3 Ways To Style Different Coloured Denim

Blue, black, and acid-wash denim are bonafide classics. You really can't go wrong with any of them. And they're everyday favourites for a reason. Are they timeless? Yes. But does everyone have them? Also, yes.


New Denim: It's All About Colour Theory! 

Sometimes a little colour is necessary – especially if you've had your fill of muted neutrals and basic solids. However, just because a comfy pair (or two) of denim jeans is a capsule wardrobe essential doesn't mean you have to stick to all shades of blue. If you've been around the style block lately, then you know denim comes in all sorts of colours now! Red, green, mustard, printed, trust us; the selection's pretty wide.

That being said, how does one pull off the perfect pair of purple jeans or the best denim jacket in blush pink? 

We’ve got everything you need to know below.


Look #1: Bright and Bold | Coloured / Printed Denim Jeans

As mentioned earlier, denim jeans now come in a wide variety of colours. Do you want teal pants? You've got teal pants! 

Just keep the visual balance by pairing it with a piece of clothing or accessory that's more muted or neutral. Think beige scarves, basic black (or white) tee, or a charcoal jacket. You'll look effortlessly stylish.

Denim pants with unique prints can be a little tricky – especially if you don't want to bring attention to a particular area (although we say, celebrate what you’ve got!). However, bold prints are just the thing if you want a pop of colour. 

So pair brightly-patterned denim jeans with a simple white sleeveless shirt or cropped top. It'll let the pants shine without ever looking 'too much.'


If you aren't quite ready for bright, colourful pants, our AINSLEY Mid Rise Jeans in Blush Pink or Ecru will allow you to experiment with different coloured denim pieces without feeling so bold. Pair them with tops in a matching shade, then add a darker-coloured belt or bag for a beautiful contrast.

For more formal or dressier events, try denim pants in deeper colours. For instance, check out how rich and classy this cherry chocolate looks. Or this beautiful dark tan. Both would look stunning paired with button-downs or a stylishly oversized trench coat.


Look #2: Contrasting Textures | Denim Top

When you think 'denim,' you think 'pants,' 'jeans,' and 'jackets.'

That's why a denim top suits the casual style maven so well. It's relaxed, it's effortless, and it serves incredible visuals. Plus, it's often unexpected, which warrants a second look. Pair it with denim jeans for a coordinated look, then balance out the fabrics with a jacket in a matte finish.


A pair of wide-legged denim jeans in White or Cream matched with our lovely JORDAN Denim Tube Top in Light Blue. Keep the light, airy, Spring vibes going by layering a soft, knit cardigan or oversized hoodie in light beige or eggshell to complete the look. 


Look #3: Love Your Layers | Denim Coloured Jacket

Swap out the baby blue or dark navy jean jacket for something in burgundy, mauve, or terracotta. For cooler colours, try a steel grey, deep plum, or forest green. The fact that it's a jacket means you can use the coloured denim as an accessory—to really make your main outfit pop—or as the star of the show (if your main ensemble is a little basic and blah). Layering the right way creates an attractive silhouette that'll always stay in style.


Pairing a burgundy denim jean jacket with a cropped White or Cream bandeau and our ACACIA Denim Midi Skirt in Light Blue. The coordinating denim textures will add cohesion, complementing the dark colour of the jacket perfectly.