10 Holiday Outfits To Match Every Festive Event

10 Holiday Outfits To Match Every Festive Event

With December finally upon us and the holidays in full swing, you know you’ll be dashing to different events at least once a week. From glitzy winter balls to Christmas celebrations at church, holiday dinner dates to neighborhood pot lucks, here are ten outfit ideas you can use to put together the perfect seasonal fit.


‘tis the season to be decked out in glitz and glamour, and we’re not just talking about jewellery. Add a little festive spirit to your holiday party outfits with pieces that (literally) shine.

Good for: fancy holiday parties, Christmas balls, exclusive events, dinner and drinks

Sparkle with Sequins

Sequins can add a certain amount of holiday glam to any fit. They’re bright, they’re brilliant, and they’re perfectly acceptable once the winter season rolls around. Plus, they can easily be dressed down if you don’t want to be too flashy; just pair them with quieter, more understated pieces. For instance, you can pair a sequined top with matte, solid-coloured pants for gorgeous visual balance.

Put the ‘wonder’ in ‘winter wonderland’ with party dresses like our NICOLA Plunge Neck Sequin Maxi Dress in a beautiful powder blue! 

Be Seen with Soft Sheen

Christmastime is the perfect time to experiment with different textures and fabrics–especially ones you don’t normally wear! Metallic spandex knit, cire, lamé, satin, glitter mesh—these fabrics have a stunning sheen and muted shine to them that make the prettiest party outfits for women

Soft blush and powder shades will suit a seasonal, winter-y theme perfectly. For instance, this DOVE Glow Mesh Cowl Mini Dress gives major snowflake vibes: pristine, pretty, and oh-so delicate. 

For a little extra glam, opt for something in metallic gold–like this MARLENA Glomesh Mini Skirt.

Say it With Silver

Green and red may be a seasonal classic, but both colours together make pretty loud holiday outfits. Sure, it’s festive. But it’s also borderline ornamental—which may not be what you want for a black tie event.

Adding a touch of silver to your outfit can balance out Christmas-y shades without losing the holiday vibes. Try pairing a forest green top with LISETTE Straight Leg Shimmer Pants in silver, or accessorize a dashing red pantsuit with KAILANI Platform Heels (in silver, of course!).


Christmas means we’re well into sweater weather, and believe us; warm and cozy is a look that never goes out of style! 

Good for: family lunches, house dinner parties, seasonal celebrations with friends, neighborhood dinner/luncheon

Snow White

Like silver, accessory pieces in white, bone, and eggshell can balance out the vibrant shades and super-saturated hues of an outfit. Alternatively, an all-white ensemble creates a remarkable winter look. It’s soft, it’s romantic, and it makes you pretty hard to miss. 

Keep it from looking too solid and monochromatic by incorporating contrasting textures, considered jewellery pieces, or interesting cutouts. This MARLOW Linen Midi Dress, for instance, breaks up the wash of white with side waist and lower back cutouts. Or take this MCKENNA Gathered Linen Top that uses ruched, gathered texture to give the outfit dimension.

  1. Silks & Satins

Earlier, we listed satin as an ideal textile for Christmas outfits because of its lovely, pearlescent sheen. Silk also carries the same kind of soft, smooth, shiny texture that’s reasonably in-theme with a holiday decked in tinsel. 

Both are beautiful, versatile, and perfect for the holidays! 

Depending on the cut of the piece, silks and satins can look either soft and dreamy or seductive and suave. This BRIELLE Satin Shirt Dress in bubblegum pink is bright, bubbly and casually festive. On the other hand, this SYDNEY Mini Satin Dress in the same colour is smooth, flirty, and seasonally sensual. 

Beautiful in Boots

If there was ever a time to break out those thigh-high UGGs, mid-shin suede boots, or classic faux fur boots you’ve been dying to try, it’s now. Fall to winter isn’t just sweater weather–it’s boots season. Any length, any texture, any cut–you name it, you wear it! 

Classic, elegant designs - like these JENNER Diamante High Heel Boots - will go great with plaid or geometric patterned outfits.

Skirt or Dress Set

A skirt or dress set is perfect for traditional, formal, and/or conservative settings where you want to look great but not cause a scene. If you’re talking perfect party outfits for women, the feminine silhouette is a classic. It’s simple, it’s straightforward, and it can easily be dressed up with the right accessories and a full face of makeup. Plus, it works with almost any shoe style: boots, sandals, heels, wedges … you name it!

This GEORGIE Wrap Over Tie Top paired with this RAINE Satin Maxi Skirt is a great way to hit a two-for-one; it’s an all-white skirt set with interesting cutouts!


When all else fails, add dainty, festive statement pieces to your outfit and stay well within the holiday theme.

Good for: office Christmas party, first dates, lunch/dinner reservations

Party on Bottom, Business on Top

A great way to sneak in a bit of glam, glitter, or avant-garde into your holiday fit is by pairing a simple, understated top with a bright, vivid, suitably contrasting bottom. 

Coloured pants? A sequined, faux leather midi skirt? A leopard print mini? All of these will balance out brilliantly with a solid-coloured turtleneck, black blouse, or plain dress shirt! Imagine this ALEXIA Sequin Wrap Mini Skirt in powder blue paired with a loose, black turtleneck sweater. 

Blazers Mean Business

Here’s how you can instantly turn a party outfit office-party-friendly: throw a blazer on it! Blazers, when done right, can be incredibly fashionable. Plus, their sharp, boxy silhouette often contrasts perfectly with blouses, skirts, and skin-tight pants. You’ll look bomb and effortless without veering too far into casual territory. 

Try pairing wide-legged, high-waisted pants with a cropped blazer like LUELLA Shimmer Flared Cropped Blazer in silver. Or opt for the ever-gorgeous oversized blazer! Pair it with flared pants or skinny jeans for a chic, modern look. Throw a belt on it - like with the ARNA Oversized Belted Blazer - to cinch your shape! 

Pops of Color

Holiday party outfits can go from basic to bold with just a few choice statement pieces! It may take a while to figure out, but adding just one or two accessories with bright colours, vivid patterns, or unusual textures can instantly level up your look for the holidays. 

For instance, these ROBYN Diamante Strap Block Heels in orange can add the perfect contrast to a monochromatic fit. Likewise, this MOLLY Oversized Sheer Iridescent Shirt in taupe will make you look oh-so fashion forward when paired with a deep maroon or mauve bra top.