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Our COMFI Fabrics

Your skin will thank you. These fabrics have passed the comfort check. We understand how unflattering & uncomfortable a lot of skin-tight fabrics can be. So these fabrics have been tried and tested to make sure when they’re worn, they are gentle on you skin, figure-flattering and breathable so you feel confident and refreshed every time you wear our COMFI Fabric styles.
A luxurious nylon jersey that is gentle on your skin and has a lush soft-to-the-touch exterior fabric. Your skin will feel comfortable all day long and your body will feel formed and flattered by the thickness of the material. You won’t be able to take your hands off.

Our CONTOUR Fabrics

Our CONTOUR fabrics bring your body in and highlight your figure in all the right places. Crafted to smooth, flatter and to form your figure, these fabrics will be your absolute go-to’s.
We couldn’t find a ribbed fabric we loved, so we made our own. Our exclusive CONTOUR Ribbed fabric has impressive 4-way stretch that forms your body, non-abrasive texture for your skin, is thick enough to not be see-through, but flexible enough to move comfortably. All the while the signature ribbing texture highlight and flatter your figure.
This double-lined fabrication brings maximum form to your body while still allowing you to feel comfortable and free to move in your own skin.

Our FLEXI Fabrics

Our FLEX fabrics have been selected for our Athleisure range because of their durability, flexibility and comfort. Even with the added thickness to be squat-proof and figure-forming, these fabrics are still lightweight and perfect for training.
FLEXI Ribbed
This ribbed fabric feels thick in your hands but light when worn. It’s thickness is perfect for support, comfort and bringing structure to your body so you feel ready to take on the squat rack or the next coffee run.
FLEXI Butter
Our FLEXI Butter fabric has a lightweight feel, a squat-proof appeal and skin-tight support. This fabric may be gentle and smooth on your skin, but it can handle your beast mode at the gym as well.
FLEXI Seamless
Made to feel as close to you as second skin, our ribbed Flexi Seamless range is butter soft with minimal stitching for zero chafe and strong thickness for maximum comfort and a full range of movement.

Our COSI Fabrics

Our COSI fabrics have been hand selected for their comfort, warm and instant luxurious feel.
COSI Fleeceback
This fabric has an unbelievably soft interior that is gentle on your skin and a lush soft-to-the-touch exterior fabric. You won’t be able to take your hands off.
COSI Loopback
Our loopback fabric is lightweight and breathable that feels soft and cosy against your skin. Easy to move in, it will keep you comfortable all day long - the perfect staple for everyday wear.

COSI Fleeceback

Take a closer look at our COSI Fleeceback
• Soft to the touch cotton blend interior and exterior
• Oversized fit - size down for a more feminine look
• Slouch shoulder fit

COSI Loopback

Take a closer look at our COSI Loopback
• Lightweight material - perfect summer sweats
• Dry hand feel for insulation
• Oversized fit - size down for a more feminine look

Our BODYKNIT Fabrics

Our BODYKNIT fabrics have been hand selected for their versatility and comfort.
Beat the heat. Our custom BODYKNIT Bare is a lightweight fabric that’s perfect for summer. The loose, gathered quality and sheer finish will keep you feeling cool even during hours in the sun. This knit is ideal for achieving that draped, casual silhouette that perfectly suits warm-weather days
We’re all about our tight connections. Stay feeling snatched and as comfortable as ever with our exclusive BODYKNIT Sculpt. The ribbed texture feels supportive and smooth against the skin and flatters every figure. We know not all ribbed fabrics are made equally, so we decided to upgrade. Our new bandage knit is a heavier, high-utility blend with 3x the rib detailing for enhanced figure-hugging capacity. Its versatility allows it to be dressed up or down as needed.
BODYKNIT Silhouette
You loved our original ribbed knit so much that we decided to take it one step further. We curated several concepts from the lineup and optimised their silhouettes using new fabrics. Enter our BODYKNIT Silhouette— a classic ribbed texture that gets wider with length. This blend is super soft and super flattering for a wide range of shapes and sizes, while its viscose yarn blend gives it a super touchable feel on the body.