Great Investments: The Pieces To Buy And Keep Forever

Great Investments: The Pieces To Buy And Keep Forever

Fashion, like time, waits for no one; trends change, styles come and go. And while we love playing with our style, everyone at MESHKI knows that a great wardrobe is built on a few essential core pieces that will stand the test of time.

So if you are looking for reasons to add new pieces to your wardrobe, this is your sign to invest in time-defying options. As the saying goes, "The best time to invest was yesterday, the second best time is today."

Here are 7 long-lasting, ever-stylish pieces you'll never regret owning for forever. 


A Classic Black Mini


The monochrome magic of black dresses and mini skirts is that they are ALWAYS in style. It's an iconic classic second to none. Whether it's a fancy cocktail event, a romantic first date, or a semi-formal birthday bash, a little black frock allows grab-and-go moments for styling. Plus, it allows easy transition from corporate events to soirees with just a change of accessories. Not to mention black garments are more resistant to stains and fading. That's why we love the MACI Crepe Mini Dress in Black. 


A Well-Fitted Blazer


The undisputed wardrobe hero will always be a well-fitted blazer. Not only does it elevate even the most basic outfit from casual to cool but it also tale-tellingly enhances the aesthetic of more formal attire. Everyone at MESHKI HQ is obsessed with the GREER Hourglass Suiting Blazer in Dark Chocolate and the HELDA Fitted Cinched Waist Blazer in Black.


An Unbothered Backless Bodysuit


Perfect for pairing with high-waisted skirts, jeans, and trousers, a bodysuit can offer a seamlessly tucked-in look that other tops can't deliver. Add the forever-refreshing element of a backless design, and now you have a safe investment for ages. While considered a summer-loving staple, backless bodysuits are also great for layering during chilly seasons. They create a drama-free canvas for all your accessories and provide a flattering fit for a sleek base. For ultimate versatility we love the LEAH Recycled Nylon Backless Bodysuit in Ivory.


A Sequin Number


A sequin gown or dress is more than just a one-time outfit for a rare event in your social calendar. Trust us, it's an enduring capital that will come to your rescue whenever you need a little sparkle in your life. Sequin dresses are rooted deeply in the extravagant style of the '70s disco era and have retained their panache over the decades, a testament to their timeless appeal in the ever-changing world of fashion. Get yours in neutral tones with the ADORIA Sequin Cut Out Maxi Dress in White or the BRIANNA Sequin Maxi Dress in Cream.


A Sheen and Shiny Satin Dress


The lustrous sheen of satin breathes a sense of timelessness and luxury that defies trends. Throw on some heels and jewellery, and you have the perfect go-to evening look to turn to for years to come. Maximise on satins eye catching drape and get yours with laces, ties, or asymmetrical hem details. Check out the CAELLIE Satin Cowl Maxi Dress in Black or the GINA Satin Slip Maxi Dress With Lace in Ivory.


A Pair of Heeled Boots


High boots, unlike high heels, offer the allure of a heel with the added versatility of being able to be worn *almost* anywhere and with anything. 

They're the classic go-to for music festivals and are perfect for street style looks in practically every season. In cooler months, they provide much-needed warmth and protection, while in warmer weather, they go well with mini skirts and shorts. Invest in one or lose all the inches it adds to your height and overall style. Try on the JENNER Diamante High Heel Boot and never look back.


A Pair of Neutral-Colored Heels


Neutral-coloured heels go well with almost any fabric, silhouette, and length of dress. Investing in a quality pair guarantees a staple piece of footwear that remains relevant across all seasons, in any country, and with almost any look. They can be dressed up or down for a variety of occasions and allow easy coordination given their subdued shades. Ivory pairs well with both bright and muted colours, be it a formal or casual ensemble. Get your hands on the FLEUR Thin Strap High Heel or the DASHA Sling Back Heels.


Overall, our motto is, It’s better to have it when you don’t need it than to need it when you don’t have it.” And if you’re looking to update your essentials shop our Capsule Wardrobe Edit here.