The most powerful revolution starts when a woman learns to love herself...a love unaffected by outside circumstances.

You’ve got a world to conquer, goals to achieve, places to be...we’re here to add that exhilarating feeling of what lies underneath to the mix. A little secret you carry around with you. Only you know you’re wearing somethin’ lacey (or a li’l racey), with a matching brief and hosiery. We know you have multiple facets of moods and emotions, #MESHKIintimates lets you express all of that. So if you’re feeling romantic and dreamy, flirty and playful, or adventurous and sensual, there is a masterpiece designed just for you. We’re proud to present you, for the first time ever, with a collection of lingerie that embraces your curves, and accentuates your beauty and lights up the shine that is already within you.

Featuring only the finest of fabrics, carefully handcrafted and intricately detailed, #MESHKIintimates is designed to make you fall in love with yourself.



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